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We’re not the biggest earthmoving company.


We’re not the company that sends a different guy every time. Got his tickets 6 months ago. Then when he gets onsite. Its old machinery. He’s whinging that the machine he’s got is busted. And he’s been asking his boss to fix it for the last 3 months. And he won’t fix it.

Thats not RONMAC.

That’s why in 2001 RONMAC was born. Like you, we had a need for reliable, efficient and punctual earthmoving services.

Prior to that, we were solely plumbers & drainers. Trading under the name C.R & R.M McGeechan and Sons Plumbers & Drainers. We still do stormwater, sewers and drainage but our earthmoving fleet has grown to be the largest part of the company.

Today we do a range of work including but not limited to:

  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Roads
  • Storm Water Drains & Sewers
  • Demolition
  • Sub-divisions
  • Infrastructure

As a family owned and operated company. What we’re most proud of is the team we’ve grown that carries those family values to every project. To give you that personal feel for your earthmoving and plumbing needs. Your not just another job for us. We’ll truly go out of our way to make you happy and meet your needs.

If you’d like quality earthmoving or plumbing solutions by an experienced company. Whose quite literally been in the trenches since 1986. Has the capability and reliability to handle your next project. Give us a call on 0402 495 191. We do free quotes.

Established 1986

In 1986 Craig and Rhonda McGeechan started C.R & R.M McGeechan plumbing and drainage.

Craig would do the plumbing in his little blue ute, while Rhonda managed all the paperwork.

Craig is a 3rd generation plumber and had been helping his dad with plumbing since he was a kid. Craig McGeechan completed his plumbing apprenticeship in 1985. Fresh out of his trade he wanted to start his own business.

He knew there was a need for quality plumbing and draining services to the South of Brisbane.

Craig and Rhonda went on servicing the domestic market around Brisbane for the next 15 years. Conducting a range of work from roofing and guttering to laying stormwater and sewer drains.

In 2001 the business was doing more drainage than anything else. To do this it had to sub contract earthmoving machinery and operators. The problem, most of the time machine operators would rock up late or not at all. If they did get there, they weren’t up to standard.

This was holding back the business. Craig saw there was a real need for earthmovers that understood what plumbers wanted.

So, at the end of 2001, a small green 1.1 ton excavator was acquired, which was the start of new direction for the business. It was initially used to supplement the plumbing and drainage business. Taking away the need to rely so heavily on sub-contractors.

But, the machine was also hired out to other plumbers in the area as well.

In 2002 Brent McGeechan, Craig’s youngest son started his apprenticeship. The business name was changed to C.R & R.M McGeechan and Sons Plumbing and Drainage

That same year 2 small combo’s joined the team. The business started conducting as much earthmoving as plumbing. The new earthmoving arm of the business started servicing Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Early in 2006 Brent McGeechan, now a 4th generation plumber finished his apprenticeship. Plumbing and drainage had now run in the McGeechan name for over 100 years. He also started to help run and operate the business. You could say it was in his blood.

In 2008 the business name changed to RONMAC. It continued acquiring men and machines to carry out all sorts of general earthworks.

2010-2021 has seen RONMAC grow into a medium-sized earthmoving and plumbing company. Employing around 15 operators and plumbers who use a new fleet of machines ranging in size from 1.7 ton to 36 ton.

Working on a range of jobs from but not limited to:

  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Road upgrades
  • Detailed earthworks such as stormwater & sewer drains
  • Demolition
  • Rock walls
  • Sub-divisions
  • Infrastructure

It’s come a long way from its small humble beginnings. Born out of the need for quality on time earthmoving and plumbing. That still holds onto those small family business values.

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